Helen E. Wright lives in CDS Housing’s Holt Road senior living community, where she has resided for the past four years. Her home is tastefully decorated with personal touches: wall sconces with candles mounted on them, tea cups and tea sets and, what speaks most to who she is, paintings, which rest on most of the walls in her living room. Each one is unique and masterfully done; either created from her imagination or is a re-creation of a memory.

Helen, who just turned 96 on May 22nd, said she learned of CDS Housing from her daughter, Linda. Helen’s kids wanted their parents to be closer and, after searching for someplace to live, they landed at CDS Housing’s Holt Road location.

“After having restored eleven homes, loving interior decorating and having horses—I’ve had a wonderful life,” Helen said. “It was a real adjustment, but it’s pleasant here. Our manager is wonderful.”

Helen then recalled all of the great things she enjoys, pointing out the paintings decorating her walls. She referenced one on her walls of a horse shrouded in a snowy white background. She said her husband, Albert, an advertising man who owned his own business, took a photo of one of their horses, and she decided to paint it. Unfortunately, Albert passed away just six weeks after moving into their home.

Helen said she enjoys square dancing and owned a vineyard on the hillside in Canandaigua. When she lived in Florida, Helen said the stallion master of the horse farm that won the Kentucky Derby asked her to write his biography, but, ultimately, “artwork was my main hobby. That and piano.” Helen said she’s played at Geneva on the Lake “for many, many years. It’s a beautiful place. I played there three or four nights a week.” She said she enjoys playing pieces by Frank Sinatra. “God’s given me the talent, so I use it.”

Now, while Helen doesn’t play out anymore, she plays for her friends who stop by her home. “I still play,” she said. “I love it.

Ultimately, Helen has found a home where she is able to make it her own and practice what she loves.

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"Resident Feature: Helen Wright"

Bill W. commented on Dec 16, 2016 at 11:57 am

Helen! So good to see you! And we're glad you're doing well!

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