It was easy to recognize Robert “The Sheriff” Hubble, an individual receiving services from CDS Monarch. Dressed in his vest adorned with gleaming silver badges, black cowboy hat atop his head, cowboy boots on his feet, and holster and cap gun at his side, Robert embodied and outwardly expressed his passion for cowboys and police. One doesn’t obtain the nickname “The Sheriff” any other way.

Robert lived at his Harris Road home for over 15 years where he enjoyed watching Wheel of Fortune and PBS. He loved the New York Yankees and the Rochester Red Wings in addition to creating art, and he attended various creative groups around CDS Monarch, including Blended Creative Opportunities, Linden Creative Opportunities, and Without Walls.

CDS Monarch is saddened by Robert’s passing on September 10th, 2015.

At Robert’s funeral, Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn and his deputies made Robert an honorary Sheriff’s Deputy posthumously. CDS Monarch would like to thank the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for their caring gesture.

 Robert “The Sheriff” Hubble will be greatly missed by his CDS Monarch family.

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"CDS Monarch Recognizes the Passing of Robert "The Sheriff" Hubble"

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