Ashley Leonard

Ashley started at CDS Monarch as a support specialist at our Atlantic Road residence in 2006. She was then promoted to assistant residence manager, then became interim manager at Park Circle and eventually became manager at Hardwood Lane. After that, Ashley was dually assigned to Hardwood Lane and Imperial Drive. Ashley now serves as the residence manager at our Macedon Center Road residence. Her daily tasks include maintaining the operational piece of the site, making sure the individuals have a positive, safe, functional place to go after work, and making sure the staff are where they need to be.

"Ashley has taken on several challenges as a residence manager," Director of Person Centered Services Terria Thompson said. "She has been a mentor to many of the new managers in the residential department and is always willing help others. She has worked diligently to ensure the individuals at Macedon receive quality services and care. She continues to work with the families to ensure their needs are met and to ensure CDS Monarch customer service values."
Ashley said she wants to move up within the company, so she had started taking leadership classes. She joined a leadership management group, attended two strategic planning meetings, and recently attended a leadership workshop.
Ashley said her favorite part about working at CDS Monarch is keeping her focus on the individuals. "Everything I do is to make sure they are living the most valuable life," Ashley said. "That what they're doing is what they want to do. We have a good team here. I've met a lot of good people. It keeps me going."
In terms of advice to staff, Ashley said it's important for them to "remember why you're here. Keep your passions, your ambitions, and your compassion for the individuals you come in to work with every day."
In her free time, Ashley likes to shop, and she said she spends most of her time with her large family. "That, too, is my backbone," she said. She said she's trying to teach her nephews to find life's passion and get their goals in line to make the best of their lives. "Lead by example," she said.
Thank you, Ashley, for your hard work and dedication to what we do!

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