John Elliott started at CDS Monarch in 2012 as a support specialist at our Roxwell residence. A few months later, John began filling in at the Nucor House and in April of 2014 he started doing part-time case management work for Warrior Salute. Currently, John is the Clinical Coordinator for Warrior Salute, a role in which he provides individual and group therapy for Veterans, supervises Warrior Salute staff, completes assessments for potential Veterans coming to Warrior Salute and assists the Warrior Salute Program Development Manager with community outreach.

"Throughout a great deal of transition for Warrior Salute, John has been a constant, reliable resource for every member of the team," Warrior Salute Director Joe Perdicho said. "Not only has John continued to excel at fulfilling his own duties and responsibilities, he has been a tremendous point of reference and support for newcomers to the Warrior Salute team, as well as for the remainder of the staff and the Veterans we serve. John demonstrates an exuberant drive to provide the absolute best service that we can and a commitment to constantly evaluate what we do, how we do it and ways to improve the impact we have on our Veteran Community."

John said his favorite part of his job is working with the Veterans and observing their growth over time. "There's something nice about seeing people succeed at their goals," John said. "[The Veterans] believe in themselves more. I love to see them succeed, especially when they transition out and have continued success. I think that's when they realize how much they've grown--when they take what they've learned [from Warrior Salute] and apply it."

John said it's important for a staff member at CDS Monarch to always put forth his or her best effort. "Recognize where your strengths are and utilize them," John said. "Make yourself a valuable asset." In terms of working with the Veterans, John said it's important to understand that Veterans are "no different than you and me. They experience life in the same manner, and they're some of the most compassionate people you could ever meet."

In his free time, John likes to mountain bike, participate in CrossFit, spend time outdoors and complete home improvement projects.

Thank you, John, for your hard work and dedication!

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