Chad Curtis has joined the CDS Monarch team as the Warrior Salute Program Development Manager. Chad has his Bachelor's in physical education from SUNY Cortland and received his Master's in adaptive physical education from the University of California Pennsylvania.

Chad served in the Marine Corps from 1999 to 2005 as a tank mechanic and was deployed as security forces. After serving, he transitioned to construction for a few months, and then moved to California where he taught special education for two years, and then physical education for three years. Chad then moved to Rochester where he and his wife opened a gym, which they have been running for close to five years.

Chad said his experience working with the special education population, as well as opening, growing and running his own business and large-scale charity events has given him the ability to meet people, network and foster collaborative relationships that make him a good fit for this position. He said he has a passion for, and an understanding of, the work that has been put in to building the program. He said he's looking forward to continuing that and is hoping to make a good impact on the Veterans we serve, whether it be directly through this program or the collaborative efforts of outside organizations.

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"CDS Monarch Welcomes New Warrior Salute Program Development Manager"

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