Ron Armstrong has worked at CDS Monarch for the past 23 years, beginning in February of 1992 after a friend recommended CDS Monarch to him. Ron works as a support specialist at our Roxwell Court residence where 12 individuals live. When he's not attempting to understand the functions of the universe, his duties include, but aren't limited to, helping with the morning shift, distributing medication, getting the individuals up for program, van runs and helping clean the house.

"He's very dedicated to the individuals and takes great care of them," Residence Manager Sarah Gardner said. "He's very compassionate. He has many tasks during the week to complete and he gets them done in a timely manner. He also runs all appointments and is very thorough. He's a great asset to the team and a pleasure to work with."

Ron said the best part of his job is working with the individuals. "Sometimes these guys will really make you laugh or surprise the heck out of you. It does me good to see someone work on the same goal for years and one day they finally get it."

After 23 years of working at CDS Monarch, Ron offered up great advice. "You never see it all," he said. "Never become complacent. There's always more to learn."

In his free time, Ron loves to play music, expressing his proficiency with the guitar and keyboard. He also studies the theory of relativity, black holes and time, understanding that time on the floor operates differently than time on the wall, and even more so than time on top of a mountain. "It's all about how we perceive it," he said, closing with the idea that we can't travel in time because we're three-dimensional beings in a four-dimensional universe.

Thank you, Ron, your dedication to CDS Monarch is greatly appreciated, and your dedication to unearthing the knowledge of the universe makes you a tremendous asset to everyone we serve.

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"Staff Highlight: Ron Armstrong"

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