Madeleine Pingitore

Madeleine Pingitore has worked at CDS Monarch since December 2011. She began as a Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC), and later transitioned to a Senior MSC, where she assists individuals transitioning into their own apartments, connecting them with services and supports to ensure they can maintain independence in their home, among others tasks.

"Madeleine has been with our department for a few years now and is a great asset to our team," Program Manager Jennifer Kitto said. "She is ready and willing to help any MSC, she supports her coworkers by offering assistance and displays what teamwork is every day. Madeleine is always ready to take on a new task and assist the management team in any way that she can. She represents the quality of our work at agency fairs and markets our MSC department to continuously help us grow and serve as many people as possible. She listens to her families and is quick to address concerns. She makes sure that whatever the issue may be it gets resolved completely and accurately. At the end of the day, regardless of the daily stresses of the job, Madeleine always keeps it person-focused and has never lost sight of that value."

Madeleine has also been part of the marketing committee, helping to ensure the community is aware of the exciting things happening around CDS Monarch, as well as contributing to the efforts that allow us to grow and extend our supportive reach.

"Since working here, I have been very proud of the innovative stance CDS Monarch takes," Madeleine said. "The focus on the individuals has always been something that has impressed me about this agency."
Madeleine also offered words of encouragement to others in the agency. "This organization is a living, breathing organism, and we all have to do what we can to maintain it," she said. "You lift yourself up by lifting others up."
In her spare time, Madeleine is an avid video game player and enjoys gardening and knitting.
Thank you, Madeleine, for your dedication and support to the people we serve! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

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