Jordan served as an intern helping Warrior Salute™
and the public relations/marketing department

Being an intern at CDS Monarch has been very different than anything I have experienced. First of all, I haven't had much "business experience" before this, but I have also never been in an environment that serves people with disabilities and Veterans. I was glad to be able to organize a social media plan and a small concert for National Military Appreciation Month. The military is an important part of my life as the wife of a soldier, so I was glad to be able to give support in that area and also gain valuable experience and skills. I was able to develop my skills in social media and marketing but also learn to really appreciate the work that nonprofit organizations do. While I did most of my work behind a desk, I did have a few chances to meet many of the individuals in the programs here. Every time I went downstairs, I ran into several people who always greeted me with enthusiasm and genuine interest. It would always brighten my day!

Interning for an organization whose main goal is to serve people and help them live their lives in the best way possible was an experience I am grateful for. Even though I wasn't serving the people here directly, just being a part of this organization, even for a short time, is fulfilling. I have seen and learned about a lot of the work that is done here and am amazed by the staff that has given up so much of their own time to pursue a job helping others. 

Having an internship is a requirement for me to graduate. I'm glad I was able to find one that I genuinely enjoyed with an organization that does respectable work.

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