Veterans from Warrior Salute™ and the Veterans Outreach Center held a month-long, joint art show, which opened Friday, April 3rd at Our House Gallery in Rochester. The venue, which is owned by the VOC, was packed for the three-hour opening, and the veterans were both excited and proud to have their artwork featured. A joint piece entitled "Coalition" (pictured above) was in part painted by Warrior Salute™ veterans, and then completed by the VOC veterans.

The art show was a shared event, combining the efforts and artwork of both Warrior Salute™ and the Veterans Outreach Center for the benefit of the veterans. The event's title, Coalition, was given by one of the Warrior Salute™ veterans, meaning joining together.

Creating these pieces of art is a form of therapy for the veterans, which works especially well with PTSD. Veterans engage in paint throwing, in which they throw paint onto a canvas. This is a particularly expressive art form. They are also given assessments in which they are told to create a particular piece of art, and therapists then assess the piece to see if the veteran is perhaps depressed or manic.

Michael Martin, primary clinical therapist, organized the event and said he is very proud of the veterans.

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