Renee Chichester is approaching her 10 year anniversary with CDS Monarch this April. She came on as a Staff Accountant, and was recently promoted to Accounting Manager. She is responsible for handling the month-end financial reports, account reconciliations, department budgets, audit preparation and analysis, banking and transfers, leases, fixed assets, and upkeep of all required spreadsheets for reporting purposes. Renee also teaches a quarterly supervisory finance training class for new supervisors, and makes herself available to help staff better understand their department's finances.

"Renee is an extremely hard worker and is very detail oriented. She keeps everything and everyone on the up and up in the Business Office. She is always eager to help other staff understand their financial information or provide answers to their questions," stated Judy Consadine, VP of Finance. "Renee is a dedicated employee who is often at CDS Monarch early in the morning, late at night, or working from home on the weekends. She even tried to monitor our work while she was home on maternity leave!"

Each day Renee collects the money from one of the individual's working in Dave's Store and Flutters and gives them their receipt. She says that "getting to interact with the individuals" she sees regularly is one of her favorite parts of the day. She also enjoys "learning about all of the services CDS Monarch offers as it grows. This is an experience that I would not get anywhere else." Renee's advice to her fellow staff members is to "keep an open mind, and to go above and beyond to help others out whenever you can."

In her spare time, Renee likes to hang out with her husband and son, run and train for races, and attend music concerts.

Thank you, Renee, for your hard work, professionalism, and commitment to CDS Monarch! We appreciate all that you do here!

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