Valarie Daniels joined the CDS Monarch team in 1998, starting out as a Support Specialist at Webster Creative Opportunities. After her first year there, she became a Treatment Coordinator. In 2009, Val transferred to the Wolf Center to help out at Blended Creative Opportunities. Since then, she has also worked at both Linden and Penbrooke Creative Opportunities. This past April, Val was promoted to the position of Site Manager for all Day Services at the Wolf Center, which includes the Creative Opportunities, Without Walls, Active Seniors and Transitions groups. Val leads a team of 25 staff, who provide support to 88 individuals. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring compliance, maintaining accurate records, providing training to staff, and conducting meetings and tours. Val represents her department as a member of the Safety, Human Resources, and Marketing Committees. Additionally, she was a participant of CDS Monarch's Leadership Development training series a few years ago.

"Val is dedicated to the individuals of CDS Monarch. She has grown to be an effective and respected leader," stated Jayme Sharpe, Associate Director of Community Living.

Val shared that what she loves most about her job is "all of the things that the individuals teach me. I am able to carry those lessons with me and share them with other people out in the community." Val loves her job and hates to miss a day of work. Her advice to others is to "stick it out, even when things become challenging. It's totally worth it in the end."

In her spare time, Val enjoys spending time with her grandson, and she has another grandchild on the way, who she is really looking forward to spending time with too. Val loves to go shopping and enjoys bonfires, playing with her dogs and watching The Walking Dead.

Thank you, Val, for the incredible passion that you have for the work you do. You're dedication and compassion make a huge impact for the individuals you assist, and you are appreciated for all you do!

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