Annie Brooks has been a Support Specialist at CDS Monarch since 1995, and after nearly 20 years of dedicated service, she is retiring. Annie started out at Unistel, working with individuals in the spice facility, and then transferred over to Day Services at Webster Creative Opportunities (WCO) in 2001. Each day, Annie has cared for the individuals at WCO, by assisting them with their daily routines, meals, and personal needs. She also provides hand-over-hand assistance as needed, and participates with the individuals in group activities like arts and crafts or music group. Annie also provides support to other individuals when her team is short-staffed.

"Annie cares for our individuals with the utmost respect, and is very passionate about what she does. Annie comes in everyday, on time, ready to take loving care of our individuals," stated Brandi Addley, WCO Treatment Coordinator. "She treats everybody with respect, promotes independence and ensures all actions are dignified. Annie is a wonderful teammate and her presence will be missed by the staff and individuals."

"I love the individuals. I'm grateful for all the things I have learned here over the years, including how to use a computer," shared Annie. After all her years here, her advice to others is "to stay focused and do what needs to be done. Eventually, after you've been doing something for awhile, the tasks come naturally."

In her free time, Annie enjoys going to the casino to play the slot machines, going to the park, cooking and spending time with her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. During retirement she is looking forward to visiting family in her hometown in Alabama, traveling to New York City, and hopefully winning lots of money at the casino. Thank you, Annie, for your many years of dedicated service to the individuals at CDS Monarch, and we wish all the best for a wonderful retirement!

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