Jamall Watkins has been a Support Specialist with CDS Monarch for the past 16 years, working at the Macedon Road and Roxwell Court residential homes. At Roxwell, where he currently works, Jamall helps out with getting the individuals up in the morning and ready for their day, keeping the house neat and clean, and assisting with the menu planning and grocery shopping. With an immense passion for music, Jamall also enjoys singing and playing songs for the individuals throughout the day. Additionally, he enjoys interior design, and has shared his expertise at both Macedon and Roxwell, to help the individual's personalize their bedrooms and homes with their favorite colors, family photographs, and other items that represent their interests and hobbies.

"Jamall has gone above and beyond to personalize the rooms for the individuals at Roxwell. The rooms are a reflection of the individuals that live at Roxwell and he took the time to ensure their needs were met," stated Terria Thompson, Residential Associate Director. "He is always willing to assist when asked and constantly upholds the agency's customer service standards of safety, compassion, opportunity, responsiveness, and efficiency. These standards are reflected in all of the work he has done at Roxwell for the individuals."

"I really enjoy watching the individuals develop, change, and grow," shared Jamall, when asked what he loves most about his job. He also believes that "everyone has a passion or talent that they can use to help other people. Don't hide it - if it makes you happy, then it can often create happiness for others too."

When Jamall isn't working at Roxwell, he is usually performing or writing music. He is currently working on recording his own album. He also finds time to work on some independent interior design projects. Everything he does, Jamall says, is to have fun.

Thank you, Jamall, for sharing your passions and talents with the individuals at CDS Monarch! Your commitment to ensuring the highest level of quality and care for the individuals in their home is truly appreciated.

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