Venessa McFarlane has been with CDS Monarch for eight years, and now serves as a Treatment Coordinator. In this position Venessa is responsible for providing supervision and direction to staff and individuals, in addition to managing program planning, assessment of habilitation skills, documentation, outcome performance records, employment interviews, screenings, and providing training to staff.

"The most rewarding part of my job, and working for CDS Monarch, is being able to assist individuals in meeting their goals, and helping them get through obstacles in their day so that they are able to continue participating in daily activities. I care, and I try to be as professional as I can throughout all of my interactions," shared Venessa.

"Venessa has worked with CDS Monarch for the past eight years. She began as a Support Specialist at WCO and moved to BCO. Her dedication and determination gave her the opportunity to become a Treatment Coordinator," shared Valarie Daniels, Site Manager. "Venessa has made community connections with Toddlers Workshop, where she takes individuals to the daycare to read stories to the children, which they love doing. Venessa has also set up trips to the Meadows of Mendon Stables during the summer months. BCO staff take the individuals to clean the stables and then after the volunteer work is done they get to ride a horse. Venessa is a real asset to the BCO team."

Venessa's advice to her fellow coworkers is "never treat what you are doing at CDS Monarch as just a job, invest in the time that is spent assisting the individuals, and always carry yourself in a professional manner."

In Venessa's free time she enjoys spending time with her two children, Shawn and Alyssa. She is also a Mary Kay Consultant, so on the weekends she hosts several parties. Venessa is also on the Greeters Ministry at her church.

Thank you, Venessa, for being dedicated to serving individuals, and ensuring a professional workplace where goals are being met. You are greatly appreciated for all that you do to make CDS Monarch a better place!
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