Sarah Brasse has been with CDS Monarch for seven years. She initially started out as a Creative Arts Therapist, then transitioned to Clinical Coordinator for Warrior Salute. In this position Sarah is responsible for coordinating clinical services for veterans, overseeing six interns, managing Warrior Salute staff and schedules, connecting with resources that the community provides for veterans, and providing assessments for prospective veterans for the program. She has taken the effort to change the look of the hallways to showcase our vets hard work in art therapy too. Sarah is hands-on with anything relating to Warrior Salute, she loves what she does and enjoys coming to work everyday.

"The most rewarding part of my job, and working for Warrior Salute is being able to see the progress the Veterans make from their first day in the program to graduation day. Everyone around can see the progress being made, but what I love to see is when veterans are able recognize their own growth and progress," shared Sarah.

"Sarah Brasse deserves extra recognition. She is continually improving herself by furthering her education, and constantly strives to grow the program through development of innovative approaches," stated Tom Tartaglia, Program Development Manager for Warrior Salute. "Sarah cares about each veteran that comes through our doors and ensures that they are set up for success before they graduate. She is an incredible advocate for our vets, consistently pushing them toward the right direction. Sarah is a tremendous support to our Veterans and Warrior Salute."

Her advice to her fellow coworkers at CDS Monarch is "to come into work every day with an open mind, and to be ready to take on the day, regardless of whether or not it goes according to schedule. If new challenges arise - be adaptable - and always put your best foot forward. Remember the mission, and that we are here to offer support to those that we are assisting."

In Sarah's free time, she and her husband enjoy the company of friends and family. She also enjoys nature, and taking advantage of days when there is nice weather by getting outside and kayaking, hiking, and going on walks with her husband. Sarah also enjoys cooking and baking Italian food.

Thank you, Sarah, for being dedicated to serving veterans and continuing to support the growth and development of Warrior Salute. You are greatly appreciated for all that you do!

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