Debbie Seffens has been with CDS Monarch for the past 15 years, serving as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, and a Broker. In this position Debbie is responsible for managing billing, ISPs, making individual referrals for services, home and school visits, and to provide crisis assistance if necessary. She is a part of the Guardianship Committee, and also presents at Family Education & Training sessions. Debbie loves sharing her experience, and knowledge with coworkers to support their individual growth within their position. Debbie goes above and beyond her job description by always being dependable, flexible, and always willing to help. She welcomes questions and wants to support all employees.

"The best part of my job is everyday I get to work with families. It's really rewarding to achieve customer satisfaction on the individuals' ISP. It's good to know families are happy to be working with me. I'm blessed to have worked with some specific families for 12 years. I am devoted to families, and I care about their health and well-being," shared Debbie.

"Debbie is a dedicated and fearless advocate and supporter for the individuals and families we serve. She is skilled at giving the right amount of support, while encouraging independence and self-reliance," stated Shannon Jung, Program Manager Family Support Services. "Debbie always works hard to provide a high level of respect and dignity for those she works with. She goes above and beyond her required job duties, day in and day out. She is always willing to help out anyone - an individual, a co-worker, the department, even other agencies. She is selfless like that."

Her advice to her fellow coworkers at CDS Monarch is, "to be friendly, and confident, and if you are unsure of the answer to a question that an individual may have, let them know you will look into it, and get them an answer; following up is essential." Debbie acknowledges and also shares the importance of never hesitating when you have a question, because someone will always have answer.

In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family, and taking trips to South Carolina to visit her Dad. Debbie also enjoys doing crafts, reading, and spending time with her cats.

Thank you, Debbie, for going above and beyond to provide support for the individuals and their families at CDS Monarch, and for your support that you provide for your coworkers. You are appreciated for all that you do!
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