Sandy Cicotta has been with CDS Monarch for over 14 years, most recently making the transition from WCO to BCO as a Treatment Coordinator. In this position Sandy is responsible for providing supervision and guidance for all staff and individuals in their daily groups and activities. Sandy provides coordination for her individuals, assures implementation of their plans, and integration of all their services. Sandy coordinates with members of the team, individuals' families, and residences to facilitate appropriate program plans for an individual, so that they can work towards their personal goals. She is also responsible for assessing habilitation skills in order to develop, implement, and document outcomes for each person.

"I have a purpose, and everyday I have the opportunity to positively affect someone's life," says Sandy when asked what she likes most about her job. "I have a vision of how I expect treatment to be. It's necessary to follow standards, but it is equally important to have a good relationship with the individuals and their parents."

Her advice to her fellow staff at CDS Monarch is "to have patience and to be willing to continue learning everyday. It's key to have patience while helping someone with everyday life stressors that, in some instances, may be traumatic for them. When you get through it together it's such a gratifying feeling, knowing that you were there to help them through it. And they appreciate that," shared Sandy.

"In the short time since Sandy joined the BCO team in March, she has proven to be a huge asset," stated Valarie Daniels, Site Manager for Blended Creative Opportunities, Transitions and Active Seniors. "Sandy ensures that all staff deliver quality services to the individuals and she consistently initiates helping the team. She is also a first responder when the direct support professionals call for help."

In her free time Sandy enjoys spending time with her three dogs, and two cats. If she's not taking them out on a walk or spending time with her pets, Sandy enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors.

Thank you, Sandy, for going above and beyond to provide support for the individuals and their families at CDS Monarch, and for being such a driven and compassionate member of the team!
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