Amanda Sparrin joined the CDS Monarch team as a Support Specialist a little more than a year ago, and brought a great deal of compassion and experience with her, having been the primary care giver for her son, who had severe disabilities. She is primarily responsible for assisting the individuals at CDS Monarch's Woodside residence with their day-to-day needs. She helps them to prepare meals, takes them into the community for outings and errands, and facilitates recreational activities at the house, like art projects or family gatherings. Amanda frequently offers to pick up extra hours at other residences, or works a double shift to help out with staffing needs.

"I love the excitement that I find every time I arrive at work," says Amanda. "Sometimes it is the simple things that really make a difference to people, and I am glad that I can provide those opportunities." Amanda's advice to her coworkers is simple, "look at each individual's abilities. It's all about what they can do, not what their diagnosis or disability is."

"Amanda is an extremely passionate staff member. She cares about the safety and well being of the individuals we serve, and works well with her coworkers," stated James Velazquez, Residential Manager. "Amanda ensures that all assignments are complete each day and takes the initiative to complete tasks that she recognizes need to be done, for example, taking the residents to get haircuts. Amanda has also assisted other homes by working open shifts. Every manager has praised her for the work she has done and for her welcoming personality."

In her free time, Amanda enjoys doing a variety of volunteer work for her son's old baseball team, the Webster Challengers, as well as for Golisano Children's Hospital and the March of Dimes. She also likes to spend time with her nieces and nephew.

Thank you Amanda, for all that you do to assist the individuals at CDS Monarch to live life to the fullest, and for encouraging them to be as independent as possible. Your drive and compassion for what the work that you do is a true inspiration.

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