Christine Langner has been a Support Specialist at CDS Monarch for the past five years. She started out at CDS Monarch's Allen Road residence, but transitioned to Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO) two years ago. Christine enjoyed working at Allen Road, and still picks up extra shifts there when they need relief. At BCO, Christine is responsible for assisting the individuals with their daily groups, outings and personal needs. She is medication certified and recently received special training so that she could work with an individual who requires one-on-one support at all times. Also recently, there was a situation where an individual had some transportation issues and Christine offered to take them home. Christine has also helped out in Transitions when they needed so additional support.

"Christine is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the indivuals day is filled with choice and opportunity," stated Valarie Daniels, Acting Site Manager for Blended Creative Opportunities. "She also ensures that all individuals are safe and has built a good relationship with them. Christine always works with a smile and has encouraging words for the team!"

"I just like working with the individuals and helping them. It's very rewarding," stated Christine. "We should all do as much as we can to help!"

In her free time Christine likes to hang out with her two kids, read and do some gardening. Thank you Christine for your kindness and compassion towards everyone around you, and for your willingness to step in and help out wherever there is a need!
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