Bailey McCombs began at CDS Monarch as a Support Specialist in August 2012 at the Linden Creative Opportunities site. After one year there, she moved into her current position as the Autism Skill Building (ASB) Program Coordinator at the Wolf Center. Bailey has always had a passion for assisting people with disabilities, especially autism, as she grew up with a cousin who is on the autism spectrum. As coordinator for ASB, Bailey is responsible for planning weekly activities and outings around a specific social theme that helps the kids in her program to learn and use appropriate social skills in a variety of situations. Each week, Bailey works with 20 different kids who are split up into five different groups according to their ages. In addition, to running ASB, Bailey also teaches the customer service class for new hires, and this year she took on the task of putting together CDS Monarch's annual Autism Awareness Fair.

"Bailey has been a welcome addition to the Autism Skill Building program," says Ajaleah Bobowski, Community Living Activities Manager. "She has built wonderful relationships with the children and families she works with. Along with creating new and exciting daily programing, she put together a successful Autism Fair, which helped to provide new resources for our families and community."

"I just love being able to see the growth and progress of the kids," says Bailey. "When they come in and share with me that they were able to implement one of the social themes that we have been working on, that really makes my day."

Over the summer, Bailey spends time after work helping out at a camp for kids with disabilities. This July will mark her fourth year there. When she has free time Bailey enjoys painting and anything related to fitness, especially boxing.

Thank you Bailey, for making an impact in the lives of the kids in your program, and the drive and dedication you demonstrate in all that you do at CDS Monarch!

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