On Tuesday, May 20th, Unistel welcomed Colleen Wegman, President of Wegmans, and two of her staff to visit the spice manufacturing and packaging facility to learn more about Salute Seasonings. While visiting, Colleen had the opportunity to take a tour of Unistel operations and meet with staff members, Warrior Salute graduates and individuals working on the spice room floor. She was also able to taste a variety of the spices and seasoning blends that we offer. The Wegmans team had a great experience at Unistel, thanks to all of the staff who planned, prepared and provided support for this visit.

As a result, Wegmans featured several Salute Seasonings products in four of their stores for Memorial Day weekend. The Pittsford, Eastway, Calkins and East Avenue stores each had a dedicated display and tasting demonstration of some of our Salute Seasonings grilling spices, including the Barbecue, Cajun and NY Steak Seasoning blends.
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