On March 17th, Day Services welcomed the community by hosting a tour for 6th graders from Honeoye Falls-Lima. More than forty students came to visit Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO) at the Wolf Life Transitions Center, where they spent time interviewing some of the individuals to learn more about developmental disabilities.

After the event was over, the students expressed their gratitude. The statements below shared by these students were inspiring and a wonderful reflection of their experience with the individuals at BCO.
  • "I can't believe how much we all have in common!" 
  • "They go to the same kinds of classes and follow a schedule just like we do." 
  • "CDS reminds me of a mini-town or a hotel." 
  • "It was so welcoming!" 
  • "I liked the nice people and happy atmosphere." 
  • "The whole place was clean and neat." 
  • "Sometimes I couldn't tell who was an employee and who was a member." 
  • "I felt nervous and awkward at first, but by the end I wished we had more time." 
  • "All the people there are very smart, I could not believe they were learning Shakespeare!" 
  • "The people at CDS are all nice to each other and really appreciate what they have." 
  • "I met someone who won a gold medal in volleyball!" 
  • "Everyone is an individual, has abilities and likes/dislikes that are important." 
  • "Everyone is very loving!" 
  • "Everyone there had a chance to do things they wouldn't be able to do in other places."
The connections that were made that day did not end with the tour. The students and the individuals at BCO have become friends and pen pals, exchanging letters, artwork and even setting up their next visit to CDS Monarch!
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