Chris Plane has been with CDS Monarch for 15 years. He began in Day Services, working as a Treatment Coordinator at Webster Creative Opportunities, and then he became the Program Manager. From there he spent a short time at Perinton before becoming a Residential Investigator. Although, Chris really enjoyed working in direct care, he saw this position as an opportunity to try some different skills and be able to improve the quality of services for the individuals. Chris is currently a Quality Assurance Investigator and he is responsible for conducting incident investigations where he conducts interviews with staff and individuals and makes recommendations on how to prevent an incident from reoccurring. He completes reports for all of his investigations, and is always prepared to leave at a moment's notice, as he does investigations for all of CDS Monarch's sites. Chris is also a trainer who teaches the First Aid and CPR classes for staff.

"Chris is a great asset not only to the QA Department but to the entire agency," stated Carrie Carra, Director of Quality Assurance. "Through his role in QA, Chris always makes sure that the individuals' needs come first and he makes recommendations that enhance the quality of their lives. I have observed Chris interacting with the people we serve and it is obvious that he truly cares about them and treats them with the greatest respect."

"It feels good to know that I can make a difference, and make things safer and better for those we serve," shared Chris, when asked about why he enjoys his job. He also shared that it's important to "get to know the individuals and their plans, so you have a true understanding of what they need. Then you avoid having to see me!"

In his free time Chris enjoys writing fiction novels and playing with his kids. Thank you Chris, for the professionalism you demonstrate in your work and for your dedication to CDS Monarch and the individuals we assist!
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