Three years ago, physical therapist Bethany Ayers, started a new holiday tradition with her family. Every holiday season, she and several members of her family plan a special visit to Linden Creative Opportunities (LCO) for a festive caroling party. Bethany says that music and giving back have always been important to her family and it was her grandmother's idea to start a holiday sing-a-long.

This year, seven members of Bethany's family played music and lent their voices to the sing-a-long. Individuals and staff joined in with singing, dancing and bell playing. Song requests were taken for over an hour, and the most popular tune this year was Jingle Bells.

After the sing-a-long, everyone was able to enjoy some refreshments, thanks to treatment coordinator Alyssa Swaney, who made arrangements with the staff to bake cookies.

Everyone had a great time, and Bethany's family enjoyed seeing faces that they recognized from years past, and spreading some holiday cheer. "An event like this is not only something nice to do together as a family, but it is also an opportunity for everyone involved to meet new people and build friendships," stated Bethany. What a great example of how our staff and individuals are engaging in our Journey to ACHIEVE and Compass values. Thank you Bethany and family for sharing your talents!
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