Evette joined the HR team at CDS Monarch in 1998 in a temporary position. She left for a few months, but soon returned as an HR Clerk. In her current position, Evette works with Relph Benefit Advisors to handle all the benefits for staff members. She answers questions about benefits and pay, completes wage and employee verifications, maintains ADP and other HR systems, and organizes the quarterly anniversary luncheons. She also processes payroll changes, transfers, name changes, leaves of absence, and health and tuition reimbursement.

Out of all the things she takes care of, it is most important to Evette that "employees are happy with the benefits that are offered and that they have an understanding of how they work." She is also "glad to have such a knowledgeable team to work with."

"Evette is the unsung hero of the HR Team. She works diligently, most times behind the scenes, juggling the benefits and the personnel files and paperwork of our over 600 employees. She is a stickler for attention to detail which is essential to the job she does," stated Claudia Gallipeau, Senior Human Resources Manager. "She makes our jobs a lot easier with everything that she does every day. I have worked with Evette for nearly fifteen years and could not imagine not having her on the HR team."

Evette's philosophy is that "things work for the better when you work together as a team and support one another." It is part of the reason why she loves doing what she does.

Outside of work Evette likes to enjoy good food, watch movies and go shopping. She has been a Big Sister through the Big Brother/Big Sister program for seven years, and she is involved with events and volunteer work through her church. Thank you Evette for all you put forth each day to ensure the best benefits support for the staff at CDS Monarch!
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