Vivian works the overnight shift at Park Circle, where she has been since she began at the agency 13 years ago. Over the years she has done relief shifts at all of the residences and is always willing to fill in whenever there is a need. At Park Circle, Vivian is responsible for bookkeeping, ordering medications, completing medication sheets, cleaning and doing the morning van run. Each morning she assists the ladies with getting ready for the day, and she also plans and cooks for the home's holiday parties and picnics. Vivian is also an advocate for one of the individuals, who she enjoys taking on trips. Her primary goals are to ensure that each of the residents are happy, and to teach them how to advocate for themselves.

"Vivian is Park Circle's 'Party Planner'. I have come to learn that there is no party too big or too small for Vivian to plan, shop, or cook for! While Vivian may love to cook, I feel that she truly loves the fact that the individuals and their families get a chance to be together and enjoy each others company," says Paula Hanna, Residence Manager. "She genuinely cares about all the ladies that live there and she is a valuable team player!"

Vivian says that she loves "being an advocate for the ladies and letting them know that staff is always there to help when they need it." Her advice to her fellow employees is to "always follow policies and procedures, read the individuals' plans, and learn all of the things that are important to your job and to the individuals that you work with."

In her spare time Vivian enjoys cooking, spending time with her kids and grandkids, and singing in her church choir. Thank you Vivian for your dedication to supporting and advocating for the individuals at Park Circle and throughout the agency!
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