Lisa Entz has worked overnights at the Harris Road residence since she first began at CDS Monarch five years ago, with the exception of the three weeks she worked relief at Imperial. She assists individuals throughout the night with any needs or concerns that might arise, does money counts and comm logs, and takes care of a lot of cleaning and laundry. Her motto is "if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean." In the mornings she helps individuals get ready for the day, passes meds, assists with breakfast and does the van run to PCO and LCO. Lisa's experience as an EMT for 12 years has helped her to identify medical issues early on, and as a volunteer firefighter she is also very keen on safety concerns.

Her favorite part of the day is getting a hug and a kiss and an "I love you" from one of the individuals, who she has seen really come out of their shell in the past two years. Things like this are rewarding for Lisa.

To be successful she says "have patience and work hard to understand the individuals you work with. Try and see things through their eyes."

"Lisa is very in tune with the routines at Harris. She is very detailed oriented and helps keep the house running smoothly," stated Nicole Backer, Residence Manager. "She is also very compassionate and responds quickly to the needs of the individuals."

In her free time Lisa volunteers with the West Webster Fire Department (18 years), spends time with her stepdaughter and husband, sings in her church choir and enjoys coffee with her mom before work. Thank you Lisa for all of your hard work and attentiveness to the needs of the individuals at Harris Road!
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