On September 3rd, the Creative Arts Program Without Walls and the Inclusion group from Webster Creative Opportunities merged to create a new, larger Without Walls group. Each day eight staff (Bob Pye, Nancy Stickle, Jeannine Graham, Vanessa McFarlane, Ebony Overton, Melissa Mitchell, Donna Borges, and Nate Karl) head out on four separate van routes to pick up 23 individuals and spend their entire day (from 8am-4pm) out in the community. They participate in volunteer placements through places like Foodlink, Meals on Wheels, and Starbucks. They also attend music and dance classes at Hochstein, go swimming at the YMCA, go hiking and have picnics at local parks, and do some shopping.

The committee did a lot of planning to make this transformation possible. Individual's plans had to be changed to be more community-based, families had to be contacted, transportation and routes had to be arranged, and additional training was done to ensure behavior plans and medical needs were met. Thank you to Andrew Sewnauth, Jayme Sharpe, Kelly Smith, Valerie Daniels, Bob Pye, Karen Hubert, Chrissy Scott, Jen Landrigan, Toni Mizma, Martin Schneiderman, Karla Leader and Chanda Duncan for being part of this team.

Another new part of Without Walls group is the implementation of mobile Caretracker. The team is now able to complete their documentation while they are out in the community through the use of iPads. Thank you to the IT team for making this possible!

The new Without Walls group is running smoothly and the individuals are fully engaged in their community and developing new relationships everywhere they go. A job well done by all involved!
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