Nick has been a CDS Monarch team member for nearly three years now, working as a Behavior Specialist at a couple of our Day Services sites. His primary responsibility is to work with individuals and staff to determine the best tools and ways to support individuals to be successful in overcoming any behavioral challenges they might be facing. He writes behavior plans, responds to behaviors, assists staff when there are any crises, and finds ways to support individuals in the least restrictive settings possible.

"Nick is a caring person. He puts quality and thought into his behavior plans, keeping the individuals in mind, in order to provide the best service possible," stated Rachel Zielinski, Senior Clinician. "He also has a lot of enthusiasm for team-building activities."

"I enjoy working hands-on with the individuals and seeing their successes. Over time people can overcome obstacles that they are faced with, which often results in an improved quality of life for them, and this is rewarding to be a part of," said Nick.

Nick currently serves on the Customer Service committee and is also a trainer for the SCIP-R classes. He has recently graduated from the CDS Monarch Leadership Class and accepted a new position in Family Support Services as the Program Coordinator for Family Education & Training, Parent Support Group and Sib Shops (beginning September 20th). He says he is "excited to learn new aspects of CDS Monarch, as well as, develop his manager skills, and still have the opportunity to work with individuals through Autism Skill Building."

In his free time he stays active. He likes go for walks, run, listen to music, and just get out to try new things and explore. Thank you Nick for all that you do to support the mission of CDS Monarch each day, and best of luck to you in your new position!
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