Supported Work Instructor Mary Kay LeFrois began working with Terrell P. in September 2008 to prepare him for community employment. In Flutters she taught him knife handling skills, how to use a commercial slicer and cooktop, and helped him learn a sequence of tasks to complete multi-step processes without prompts. Terrell also receives service coordination through CDS Monarch, and his MSC, Jacqueline Swink, has really enjoyed helping Terrell to get the services he was looking for over the past few years.

In January 2011, Terrell began working with Job Developer Laura Elliott-Tadio to review for the Level II Food Safety Certification exam offered by the Monroe County Department of Health. Terrell passed on his first try in March 2011! Then an opportunity opened up at Rochester General Health (RGH) and Terrell participated in two interview sessions with a total of four people. Thanks to his job development and interview skills training at CDS Monarch, he was more than ready and in October 2011, Terrell began part time as a Porter in RGH's Food Service department.

Since his start at RGH, Job Coach Laurie Stephens has provided guidance by helping Terrell learn to rotate supplies and set-ups, creating a mapping system to stay organized and making suggestions to streamline tasks in a sequence so he will not lose his place if he gets called away to do something else.

In November 2012, Terrell accepted a full time offer with RGH and in July 2013, Terrell and RGH were chosen as the recipients of the New York State OPWDD "Works for Me" Award - which will be presented at a ceremony in Albany on October 16th. Congratulations to Terrell and thank you to the Supported Employment team at CDS Monarch for helping Terrell achieve his dream of community employment!
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