Nan joined Blended Creative Opportunities in November 2010, where she began working one-on-one with individuals to create pottery and work with clay. Her sessions quickly expanded to include other mediums to meet the interests of the individuals. She is also mindful of her teaching approach and modifies equipment and materials to meet individual needs and make the experience enjoyable for everyone who wants to participate. Early on, Nan saw that there were many individuals who demonstrated a natural talent, and this led her to develop the Artist Co-op. In the Co-op, individuals have the opportunity to work in a group or one-on-one setting to create pieces that they would like to sell. With Nan's help, the Co-op has produced a variety of paintings (watercolor & acrylic), refurbished furniture, pottery (wheel-spun, extruded & hand-built) and other items.

"Nan brings positive energy to the Wolf Center and the individuals she supports. She has a great ability to incorporate education into art, and make it enjoyable to all," stated Derek Janto, Day Services Program Manager. "The art co-op that she created promotes independence, collaboration and respect. Nan is truly passionate about her job, the agency and especially the individuals."

"I really enjoy doing different types of art with the individuals, and it is rewarding to see the sense of accomplishment that they feel when they complete a piece," says Nan. Her advice? "Before starting a new project or making a change, plan it out and get those who it may affect involved. Then your coworkers will feel included and you will have a team to help you out."

In her spare time Nan enjoys going to movies or out to dinner, spending time with friends, and cooking and eating healthy foods. She is also a NYS Representative for Wayne County for a political party, and teaches an Adult Ed Pottery class at Webster Schroeder High School. Thank you Nan for all that you do to support individuals at CDS Monarch!
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