Toasha has been a member of the team at CDS Monarch's French Road residence for the past 12 years. During the day she keeps busy running medical appointments, doing the banking, taking care of food stamps and shopping, paying bills and assisting the individuals with their needs. Toasha frequently offers to cover extra shifts when needed and she is an advocate for two individuals. "But I serve everyone," she says. "Toasha is very attentive to the needs of the individuals at French Rd and encourages them to try their best in everything they do. Recently, she was instrumental in identifying a health concern involving one of the individuals and ensuring he received the care he needed immediately," stated Terria Thompson, Residential Associate Director. "Toasha is a team player and assists her co-workers whenever there is a need. She is truly an asset to the French Road team, and we appreciate her for her hard work and dedication."

"I love working with the individuals, and I miss them during the day when they're not at home," stated Toasha, when asked about her favorite part of her job.She encourages all staff at the agency "to be a team player and do whatever you can to help out. If you're not sure what needs to be done, then ask your coworkers how you can help them out."

In her free time Toasha likes to relax at home, watch television and spend time with her son. Thank you Toasha for all that you do each day to empower the individuals we serve at CDS Monarch!
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