Dedicated, focused, and determined are just a few words used to describe Tanisha G.

Tanisha has been a part of the prevocational program at CDS Monarch's Wolf Life Transition Center since June 2012 where she has worked on the workshop floor doing a variety of jobs that range from packaging powdered drink mixes, assembling and filling Dinosaur BBQ gift boxes, and consolidating food products.

While working in the workshop, Tanisha learns skills that she needs to accomplish her dreams and goals. When asked about her favorite part of her job, she said "I like to earn money. I also like using the skills I learn here because they helped me become more independent." In addition to the Hard Road workshop, Tanisha has also had the opportunity to assist the Blossom Road workshop with consolidation. Tanisha said that she likes going to Blossom Road because "it's different and fun." Tanisha said that she hopes to one day have a job out in the community where she can put the skills she has learned at CDS Monarch to use.
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