For the first time on Friday April 26, 2013 at 12:00 pm, individuals and staff at Blended Creative Opportunities participated in "Blowing Bubbles 4 Autism". The group gathered outside in front of the Wolf Life Transitions Center and joined each other in blowing bubbles to spread awareness.

Bubbles are symbols of joy, hope and laughter. CDS Monarch took part in Blowing Bubbles 4 Autism to create awareness for people with autism. Bubbles make people happy, so we decided to raise awareness AND be happy! 

Bubbles 4 Autism, an initiative in New Jersey that began in 2002, is now an international effort dedicated to raising autism awareness in the schools, businesses and hearts of communities with the support of hundred of autism organizations. 

The individuals and staff had fun doing this, and were happy to be part of a great cause!
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