Penbrooke Creative Opportunities held their Achieving Dreams open house on April 5th in order to show how much their individuals have achieved and grown over the years. 

Overall, the open house was a success. Each guest was greeted at the front door by Jed B., who did an excellent job welcoming and thanking each guest for coming. 

Jed was also in charge of handing out raffle tickets to each guest as they entered the building for the three prizes that were raffled off throughout the open house. The first prize winners were the parents of Mike C. and the second prize winner was the sister of Star M. Finally, our third prize winner was the mother of Paul S. Stacey T. also won  a prize for being our first guest. 

During the open house, the guests were able to participate in the activities with the individuals and PCO staff. If they participated in one of the room activities they received a gift from that room. The guests also had the opportunity to purchase delicious treats at the bake sale and enjoy refreshments in the kitchen.

The individuals at PCO enjoyed having their family and other guests at the program!

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