Warrior Salute held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday, March 27th for Jon Stanley, Dean Sparks and Jon Bessellieu.

Jon Stanley came to Warrior Salute in July 2012, after serving with the Navy. While he was here, he participated in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Substance Abuse Therapy. Upon his graduation, Jon accepted a full time position at Unistel, a subsidiary of CDS Monarch, and he is also preparing to move into his own apartment. "Because of Warrior Salute, I have finally begun to develop a trust that I haven't felt since being in the combat theater," Jon stated. "Warrior Salute is definitely helping Veterans for all of the right reasons."

Dean Sparks was in the Track 2 section, where temporary housing is offered to Veterans as they transition in other areas of their life. He came to Warrior Salute in January 2013 and has since secured a contract employment position.

Jon Bessellieu arrived in August 2012 after serving in the Air Force. Jon participated in Art Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Anger Management. After graduation he returned to Philadelphia, PA to be with his family for a while. His plans are to go to Tennessee to work for his grandfather and return to school.

Congratulations to Warrior Salute's most recent graduates!
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