CDS Monarch is looking for responsible, loving people to share their homes with someone with a developmental disability. Become a family care provider and share your home and family with a person who has a developmental disability.

There are many rewards of being a family care provider, including enhancing the quality of life for someone with developmental disabilities and feeling the joy of new found friends and family members. Family care providers receive financial reimbursement for room and board and services provided for each individual.

Edith Carnemella, Support Specialist at Webster Creative Opportunities, became a Family Care Provider in 1992. "It's mentally and emotionally rewarding," she stated. "It's a very interesting and fun ride. There's no dull moment, that's for sure."

Information sessions will be held April 18 at 5:30pm and June 19 at 5:30pm at Blossom Road, and April 11 at 10am and May 13 at 4:30pm at the WLTC. If you are interested, please RSVP to Sandie Brown-Maynard - 585-347-1623, Participate in free training opportunities and belong to the family care team today.
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