Olufemi Akinpelu has been a great asset to the Marshall Road residence for a little over a year now. Prior to that, he spent about seven years at Penbrooke Creative Opportunities. At Marshall Road Femi is very attentive to the needs of the individuals. He works the overnight shift and is always checking on the individuals to make sure they are ok. In the mornings he helps with breakfast, passing medications, and getting the individuals ready for their day. During transition times Femi will play the guitar and sing with the individuals. They enjoy this time with him and it makes them smile. Femi is a team player and always encourages the Marshall Road staff to work together to ensure quality care and services for the residents.

"I love that every day is a challenge," Femi says. "I have the confidence and experience to do my job well, and I am happy to assist the individuals with all their needs."

"Femi is an excellent worker. He is very productive during his shift and does really well with time management," commented Terria Thompson, Residential Associate Director. "Femi has helped tremendously with filling vacant shifts and coming in early to meet minimum safety levels. Marshall Road would not be the same without all of his hard work and dedication."

Femi's advice for success here is to "be patient and learn from the people you work with. You may not know how to do everything, but everyone is able to do something."

In his spare time Femi likes to travel and spend time with his family. Thank you Femi for your commitment to CDS Monarch and the individuals we support!
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