Susan Sheldon began at CDS Monarch in May 2003 as a Supported Work Instructor, assisting individuals working in the community. Three years ago, Susan decided to make a career change by becoming a Warehouse Assistant at Unistel's Blossom Road facility. Her primary responsibilities include: shipping and receiving orders, maintaining SQF standards, and supplying the work floor with spices and other products.

Being out on the work floor has allowed Susan to maintain her relationships with the individuals, one of her favorite parts of her job. She also enjoys being able to provide Unistel's customers with exactly what they want in a timely manner. "Meeting deadlines and completing orders is gratifying," stated Susan.

"She is a hard worker who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive their orders on time," commented Joe Perdicho, VP of Unistel Operations. "Over the past year Susan has worked many late evenings helping to ensure outgoing shipments go out as scheduled." Susan is also very diligent when it comes to checking, correcting and reporting any mistakes on the significant amount of paperwork that comes across her desk.

Susan's advice for success at CDS Monarch is "to be flexible and understand that change can happen quickly."

Outside of work Susan spends a lot of time with her daughter and enjoys hiking with her grandson. Thank you Susan for all you do at CDS Monarch!
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