The Genesee Regional Special Olympic snowshoe tournament was held at Bristol Ski Resort on Saturday February 9th. CDS Monarch's snowshoeing team was comprised of 7 athletes. The results were as follows:

Gold Medal winners:
Amanda V. in 50 and 100 meters
Eric J. in 50 and 100 meters
Mike T. in 50 meters
Ken M. in 50 meters

Silver Medal winners:
Kris W. in 100 meters
Pam D. in 50 and 100 meters
Mike T. in 100 meters
Chris C. ins 50 and 100 meters
Ken M. in 100 meters

Bronze Medal winners:
Kris W. in 50 meters

Along with the individual competition, CDS Monarch athletes participated in two relay teams, both of which won a medal. Team A - Eric J., Amanda V., Mike T. and Ken M. - won gold and Team B - Kris W., Chris C. and Pam D. and an athlete from East Irondequoit - won bronze.

New York Winter State Games are being held February 23rd at Swain Ski resort.

Currently, swimmers at CDS Monarch are beginning to practice for the tournament being held on Saturday, March 9 at the Webster Aquatic Center.

Congratulations to all of our athletes and good luck in your future competitions!

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