Mike LiButti began at CDS Monarch in March 2010 as a Van Driver. In October 2012 he was promoted to Safety Coordinator for the agency. As part of CDS Monarch's ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of our staff and individuals, Mike's new position was created to ensure that safe practices are being followed both at our facilities and on the road.

One of Mike's primary job duties is conducting upwards of 28 monthly safety inspections at each of the residences. These inspections include not only facility and housekeeping concerns, but are also an assessment of staffs' safe work behaviors and safety training, as well as the individuals' perception of their homes' safety. Mike also investigates motor vehicle accidents, conducts NEO defensive driver training, and conducts initial, and ongoing, driving certifications for all staff who are responsible for transporting individuals. He also serves on the agency Safety Committee.

"Mike has demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring the safety with our agency and has brought enthusiasm, creativity and a good attention to detail to his role as Safety Coordinator," commented Tiffany Passmore, HR Manager for Health & Safety.

Mike loves meeting people from across the agency and he takes pride in making sure their homes are safe. "Safety is serious - you should always be aware of your surroundings," Mike says. "Its everyone's job to make work a safer place."

Outside of work Mike enjoys going to the movies, the theater, out for dinner, and playing with his dog. Thank you Mike for all you do to keep us safe at CDS Monarch!
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