Jennifer Vetter has been working at CDS Monarch as a Support Specialist for three years. She was a full-time staff who left to become CNA, yet continued working relief at Austin Road. After working at the hospital for a short time, she realized how much she missed working with the individuals at Austin and came back as a full-time staff. Recently, she transferred to Day Services at Linden Creative Opportunities.

Jennifer regularly assists the individuals at Austin with participating in activities and outings like karaoke night, preparing meals, passing medications and bathing. She takes pride in being part of their home and family. Jennifer loves to make the individuals happy and to see them smile.

"She is truly an example of the shared values and customer service standards in her dealings with coworkers and individuals," commented Tim Rifenberg, Austin's Residence Manager. "She adjusts her schedule on a regular basis to ensure opportunity for the guys and all of them truly appreciate that." During times when the home is short staffed, Jennifer often comes in to pass meds or do whatever is needed to provide for the well-being of the home and the individuals.

Jennifer's words of wisdom for CDS Monarch employees is to "do your best to work with the individuals and find common ground, in doing so, you can often avoid causing unnecessary agitation or behaviors," says Jennifer. "Take the soft approach - sometimes it is the little things that make them most happy".

When Jennifer is not working diligently for CDS Monarch she enjoys spending quality time with her family. She loves outdoor activities, like sledding, skiing and going for walks, as well as biking, kayaking, and canoeing. She is also learning to play the guitar! Thank you Jennifer for your terrific commitment to the individuals at CDS Monarch!
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