From the week of September 17th to the week of January 14th, CDS Monarch staff members worked hard to lose weight as contestants of "The Biggest Loser" contest.

Congratulations to Amber Bowman, who placed in third, Tiffany Passmore who came in second, and Tamara Nephew who was the first place winner and lost an outstanding 24.2 pounds! In this edition of the Biggest Loser, there was also a team contest. Congratulations to first place team Tamara Nephew and Jackie Swink who lost a combined 35.2 pounds, and Amber Bowman and Kelly Centola who came in second with 28.8 pounds. All together, the 32 participants had a total weight loss of 208 pounds! Nice work! All the winners were awarded with some wonderful spa services and flowers.

We are excited to announce that CDS Monarch staff will be participating in the Wegman's Eat Well, Live Well Challenge beginning at the end of March!
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