CDS Monarch congratulates Frank D., and his employer Jamestown Container, as Unistel's 2012 Nominee for the OPWDD's "Works for Me" award. This award recognizes businesses from across New York State that have proven that hiring individuals with developmental disabilities is great for business; demonstrating that these workers are valued members of our state's vibrant workforce.

Jamestown Container has been in business for over 50 years in Western New York as a custom box manufacturer. They have hired two people with developmental disabilities on a part time basis over the last six years.

Frank was hired in 2006 as an Assembly Worker. He enjoys his work and is willing to perform any task because he knows he is making a contribution.

Frank always shows the initiative to be a team player and can be found working in the shipping department a couple of times a week shrink wrapping and tagging the skids. In his regular department he does a variety of jobs that include stitching using a hand-held, air-powered staple gun, separating and inspecting boxes and breaking apart inserts and inspecting them for other orders.

Frank's direct supervisor describes him as consistent, dependable, rarely takes time off, is conscious of his work, knowledgeable and has good housekeeping skills.

Frank is a valued employee and is willing to learn any job which allows him to assist in a diverse capacity. He is always dependable and does a good job no matter the assignment. He takes pride in his work and equips himself with a positive attitude daily. Congratulations Frank!
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