Jim Garofalo has worked at CDS Monarch's Roxwell Court residence as a Support Specialist since November 1987 - that's 25 years! He did help out at the Baird Road residence for a short period of time, but returned to Roxwell where he felt most at home. Jim has always been willing to help out at any of the other houses whenever he was needed. From the time Jim begins his day he is busy doing any number of activities with the individuals including, transporting them from day services, taking care of medication needs, going on community outings, feeding meals, and doing grocery shopping. But Jim's number one priority is making sure the individuals are comfortable and happy. Jim loves music and playing the guitar, and he can often be found holding music therapy sessions for the individuals at Roxwell. Jim also helps out with training new staff, and he rarely misses work. "I like to be there for the individuals," he says.

Some of Jim's fondest memories have been spending time with the individuals at Camp Haccamo, Niagara Falls, and having their families over to visit. "Keeping these kinds of traditions alive for the individuals is really important," says Jim.

Jim's advice to other employees is "to have empathy. This job is all about having a desire to do something for someone else, to make them comfortable." When asked about the individuals at Roxwell, Jim says "They are stronger than you think, and you will be surprised what they will teach you!"

In Jim's free time he enjoys playing the guitar, going to movies, and bowling. Thank you Jim for your 25 years of dedicated service to the residents of Roxwell Court!
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