Under the People First Waiver, The State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) will contract with Developmental Disabilities Individual Support and Care Coordination Organizations (DISCOs) whose goal will be to provide quality care and services for people with disabilities through a provider network.

With the goal of being the most responsive to the needs of the people we serve regionally, CDS Monarch is collaborating with providers across the Finger Lakes with the intent to become a DISCO serving this area. This group is working together to plan for and apply to become a DISCO (a separate entity from CDS Monarch) during the pilot phase in 2013. Staying ahead of the changes that are coming and working with OPWDD during the pilot phase will help us to shape and understand how the new system will function.

iCircle Services of The Finger Lakes' goal is to support people with intellectual disabilities as they self-direct the services that best fit their interests and needs. We will provide a team of dedicated, highly skilled care coordinators that will work with each person individually to help manage their care. We have an extensive provider network of organizations in the Finger Lakes region who will deliver the highest quality of services centered on individual choice in their community.

iCircle Services will begin talking with staff through upcoming meetings at various sites to provide more information. We will also be hosting information sessions for families and individuals. Please feel free to visit our new website at: www.icirclefl.org
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