Laurie has been a part of the CDS Monarch team for the past seven years, working as a residential RN. She began at Harris Rd, and then moved to Hardwood, and finally ended up at Allen Rd. when it opened in November 2006. Allen Rd. was a perfect fit for Laurie because she knew five out out of the six individuals who moved in there from their time at Mary Cariola. Lately, she has also been helping out at Hardwood and Park Circle. Laurie oversees two LPNs at Allen Rd. and also does a lot of training there because the individuals there are medically frail. She is responsible for completing paperwork, scheduling and running appointments, attending ISPs and addressing medical concerns of the individuals at the residences. Laurie also serves on CDS Monarch's Medical Error Review Committee.

"Laurie is very knowledgeable about all of the individuals she works with and is always willing to help out at other sites when needed," says Laura Hammond, Director of Nursing. "Laurie is a valuable asset to the nursing team and to CDS Monarch."

The best part of her day is "walking in and seeing the individuals smile at her - it's such a welcoming feeling." Laurie has many fond memories, including being able to assist two individuals in achieving their personal dreams of attending a country music concert and an out-of-town family reunion.

"Take time to consider the little things that can really make a big difference in someone's life," says Laurie.

In her free time she enjoys quilting and also keeps very busy with her six grandchildren. Thank you Laurie for your dedication to the mission of CDS Monarch!
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