Nancy has been with CDS Monarch for the past seven and a half years, working primarily in Payroll, but also supporting Accounts Payable when needed. If you're at the Wolf Center around lunch time, you may have seen Nancy out for her afternoon walk - daily exercise is something she takes seriously. In the office she is responsible for the entire individual payroll, as well as, half of the staff payroll. Additionally, she completes FTE reports which helps the residences with budgeting, orders office supplies and helps Accounts Payable with debit card receipts for the residences.

Nancy says she likes "answering questions, working with the individuals and making sure that everyone is happy." She is extremely detail-oriented and good with numbers - you have to be when you key in over 5,000 lines per pay period!

"I've learned a lot since I started here," says Nancy. "There will always be changes, so be flexible and eager to learn new things."

In her free time Nancy likes to crochet, play Wii Bowling with her husband and go for walks. She will be retiring on October 5th, and has plans to travel, spend time with her kids and grandkids in Alabama and Ohio, make good use of her YMCA membership and maybe even go on a cruise! Nancy, thank you for all that you have done at CDS Monarch, you will certainly be missed! Best wishes for a happy retirement!
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