Maggie Brooks with Debbie S. at CDS Monarch's Park Circle residence.
It began with a letter that Renee H. had written at her day program, and sent off to Maggie Brooks to let her know she was excited that Maggie was running for Congress, and to wish her good luck! Well, Maggie got that letter, and stopped by CDS Monarch's Park Circle residence to pay Renee a visit. Unfortunately, Renee was out with her mom when Maggie arrived, however she was welcomed into the home, where she met Debbie S.

Debbie showed Maggie around her home, and told her about her 30 years of working at ABVI. Maggie complimented the ladies on their beautiful home, and the extremely neat and organized garage! "It made me happy to meet her," said Debbie, of the experience.

Before departing Maggie thanked the Park Circle staff for the work that they are doing at CDS Monarch, and she left her number so that Renee could call her when she had the chance. It was a wonderful surprise visit for all. Thank you Maggie Brooks for stopping by to visit!
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