Bobbie Overton has worked at CDS Monarch's Beckwith Road residence for nearly 17 years. Every morning Bobbie helps 14 Beckwith residents to get ready for their day - she takes great pride in making sure that everyone is looking their best at all times. Some of her other responsibilities include putting together meal plans, shopping for groceries, and doing van runs and appointments. She also serves as a union representative for CDS Monarch staff.

Bobbie is an advocate for, Loretta Z., a resident of Beckwith. She enjoys bringing Loretta home with her for the holidays. "Loretta is a part of my family. She has become just like a grandmother to my kids, and they all love her like I do."

Her favorite part of her job is "taking care of the individuals and making sure that they are happy and looking great. That is my ultimate goal."

Bobbie's advice to other staff at the agency is to "treat the individuals like you would like to be treated. Love them, take care of them and make sure they are safe, just like you would take care of your own loved ones."

In her free time Bobbie enjoys going to church and spending time with her family - any activity that she can do with her 28 grandkids, you can guarantee she'll be there!

Thank you Bobbie for your dedication to CDS Monarch and the Beckwith residents all of these years!
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